Welcome to Little Champs

A nature is a best teacher ever for your child to understand surrounding world and explore his/her imagination & creativity. Thus along with the modern and traditional learning methods we do also provide your child highly technical, most advanced and interactive participatory learning methods which includes learning by listening, reading, playing and audio visuals

Our philosophy is unique. It is based on certain principles.

We understand that, early years of life child’s mind is open for developing new and innovative ideas which can be strengthened only by providing creative and friendly atmosphere and by practical approach towards learning which also take cares of emotional and psychological development of a child.

At Little Champs School along with creativity your child is provided with challenging and competitive environment which will help him to build self- confidence and positive attitude, develop leadership and academic skills, communications skills, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal relations, understand his/her unique potentials and likings to succeed in different walks of life. We Do It conducts various Social, Cultural and Educational activities throughout the year. School works on overall development (physical, psychological, cultural, social and educational) of the kids. School conducts educational and entertaining tours throw out the year. Providing Safe, Stimulating and Eco-friendly Environment.